Economic Cornerstone is a not-for-profit corporation seeking to develop programs aimed at building the economic foundations, jobs and pathways to prosperity for those from disadvantaged communities in order to address the chronic unemployment which plagues these communities. Economic Cornerstone will address the problems that hold back the social and economic advancement of minorities and other disadvantaged groups and presents them with the promise of a better future.

Economic Cornerstone will focus on providing private sector solutions to public sector problems and, where appropriate, find ways for the private sector to partner with government to confront today’s chronic unemployment challenges. The corporation’s immediate goal is to provide hope and a solution so that today’s disadvantaged communities become tomorrow’s success stories.

Economic Cornerstone is organized to address chronic unemployment that poses an increasing risk to society’s future economic stability. The corporation will advance solutions to this problem through a network comprised of experts, the not-for-profit community, the private sector and government. Where possible, Economic Cornerstone will implement its solutions and demonstrate their feasibility and success, allowing these solutions to stand as examples for others, including policymakers, to replicate.

The first program Economic Cornerstone will launch is the Economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged Communities project.