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Jackson Mora, SUNY Martitime College Apprenticeship Program

Five years of hard work culminated in the form of a diploma, a happy family and a higher paycheck for Jackson Heights resident Walter Mora last week, after he graduated from the SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx’s apprenticeship program. The program, run by non-profit Oriska Jobs and Career Center, aims to afford disadvantaged communities… Read more »

Owner has plans for former Waterbury Felt Mill in Oriskany

After 200 years of serving as the economic engine for the village and surrounding region, the abandoned Waterbury Felt Mill might see life once again. The old River Street wool mill, which once employed more than 300 people in Oriskany, has been deteriorating since it abruptly closed about a year ago. The property was purchased… Read more »

Crowds line up for tours of historic factory

ORISKANY — Local businessman James Kernan is spearheading the revival of the former felt mill on River Street, but first Kernan is spearheading a different sort of revival. On Saturday, dozens of visitors came to former Waterbury Felt Factory to tour the building and get a close-up view of some village history — that previously… Read more »

Businessman wants to breathe new life into old felt mill

ORISKANY — Businessman James Kernan wants to spearhead the revival of the former felt mill on River Street. He bought the complex earlier this year at a county tax foreclosure auction and is now proceeding with redevelopment plans. “We will retain the historic elements that make this a landmark property,” he said. “Such as the… Read more »

The Obamacare Challenge: Recruiting and Retaining Employees Without Reducing Profits

Rewarding your best employees with healthcare benefits used to be standard operating procedure, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, is challenging this practice. Employers should be concerned about the regulatory and cost burdens associated with the Affordable Care Act, but these concerns must not distract from the most important element of running a… Read more »

Oriskany Businessman Starts Non-Profit Organization

Economic Cornerstone is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to solving problem of chronic unemployment. Kernan applied 25 years of experience in bonding and apprenticeships to develop a program that addresses the need for skilled labor, bonding and mentoring within the MWBE classification.

Economic Cornerstone Announces the “Economic Opportunities for Distressed Communities Project”

For Immediate Release Date: February 15, 2013 Contact: Daniel Odescalchi 845-453-2528 Oriskany, NY – The Economic Cornerstone Corporation (ECC) today announces its new initiative designed to create job opportunities within disadvantaged communities long suffering from chronic unemployment and underemployment. The initiative, called the “Economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged Communities Project,” focuses on maximizing the benefits… Read more »