Class Action

On this page you will find the Class Action Complaint, all Exhibit and other relevant documents.

Class Action Complaint vs NYNJ Port Authority


Maps highlighting disparate Impact:

Exhibit 1 Minority Population

Exhibit 2 Low Mod Population Percent

Exhibit 3 Low Mod Pop Black/Hispanic Families

Exhibit 4 Unemployment

Exhibit 5 Education No College

Exhibit 6 Poverty Level

Exhibit 7 Public Assistance

Exhibit 8 Black Families Low Income

Exhibit 9 Hispanic Families Low Income

Minority Business Enterprise Firms in Poverty Level Areas


Sample Master Agreements

Below you will find the links to Master Agreement templates for both Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Federal Transportation Authority (FTA) project. All project specific agreements are created from these templates.

FAA Template – The relevant part of the FAA AIP Master Agreement are on pages 6-8 and page 17.

FTA Template – The relevant part of the FTA Master Agreement (“21-Master”) applying to FTA funded projects is on pages 38-40.


Project Specific Examples:

Lower Manhattan Recovery Office Master – In the LMRO Master Agreement, the Civil Rights provisions are in Section 12, pg. 21 (note this is different than the Sample Master Agreement).

JFK Grant/Master Agreement – Grant Agreement begins on page 11. All references to civil rights and equal employment are in the Master Agreement, which is part of this document starting at PDF page 31.