Vicious Cycle of Chronic UnemploymentThe Economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged Communities Project

This project has been modeled on a very successful program spearheaded by the predecessor of the Oriska Jobs and Careers Center. The earlier program succeeded in granting jobs and careers to minority workers, helped general contractors successfully sub work to minority business enterprises and mentored these companies to ensure on-time and on-budget completion of projects. It also guaranteed the work through bonds to protect the minority business enterprise as well as the general contractor. This made everyone a winner.

Now Economic Cornerstone is reviving this model to help minorities and disadvantaged communities break free of the vicious cycle of chronic unemployment by providing general contractors with a safe solution to meeting their equal opportunity requirements.  By guaranteeing general contractors this unprecedented protection, coupled with skilled labor, Economic Cornerstone opens up career possibilities to disadvantaged communities that extend through a lifetime.

The Economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged Communities Project succeeds thanks to a network of not-for-profits dedicated to training and mentoring workers, contractors willing to give these workers on-the-job apprenticeships in which they receive prevailing wages, and private sector companies able to mentor and provide bonding.

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